In the beginning…

Posted by Sarah Jane on November 2, 2009

In the beginning, there was another blog. I recorded my thoughts and ideas there for nearly 5 years, and not a drunken photograph in sight. But as a newly-minted professional seeking employment in “the digital age,” I have been warned again and again that one can never be too careful about what’s out there on the internet. And so my old blog, with its innocent honesty and many genuinely good thoughts, suddenly seems too risky and immature for a hypothetical employer to find. So this, my readers, is not the beginning, but only one new beginning among many others — a new beginning of dubious necessity.

I am, perhaps, the ultimate conservative.

I am also still undecided as to whether I want my real name attached to this blog. For now, I can identify myself as a Christian (at least, most of the time) and as an artist and educator. The thoughts I hope to share fall at the uneasy crossroads of those three identities, and at my ongoing struggle to keep all three firmly engaged in time and place and culture. So perhaps it would also be helpful to identify myself as an American citizen, and a lifelong resident of the rural Midwest.


4 Responses to “In the beginning…”

  1. I can relate, I am a consevative musician from St. Louis. Atisits and musicians are a big part of today’s movement. I also have engaged in the struggle you mentioned, and I believe people like you offer a spirit that was previously missing from the conservative scene.

  2. pcNielsen said

    Thanks for the comment over on TAE.

    It’s only been in the past year that I’ve had to look for gainful employment since founding the blog 3+ years ago. The connection needs to be considered, but I find myself very, well, disappointed that those of us even with more thoughtful bloggation need to be wary in this way. We’re not blogging about (or probably even participating in) said drunken escapades etc. that would seemingly get people into trouble.

  3. Blogging in the humanities is a much larger challenge than blogging in technical details. My personal blog hasn’t been updated since May. Most of my personal outrage usually gets vented on Facebook and Twitter which are public, but often vague. A little while ago, I decided to just overwhelm my life stream with information, but still try to make statements that most people would agree with even if they aren’t concerned about the topic–similar to asking an agnostic to pray or wishing people a happy Reformation Day. No harm done, but possibly challenging or interesting to the curious.

    Btw, I found this blog because I monitor links to Rachel’s site.

  4. Sarah Jane said

    Thanks for the feedback, all. I imagine that in 20 years we’ll all have a very different sense about how one’s web presence and activity are related to one’s professional image, but right now it’s a relatively new concern and it’s hard to know what a future employer might find to be too much.

    At any rate, starting fresh has allowed me to think more clearly about why I want to blog at this stage in my life, and how a well-written blog can be of service to my community and my fellow artists. It’s a lot of fun to be writing again, and I’m excited about where this can go. If you have ideas about specific questions or topics you’d like me to address, I’d welcome them.

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